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Vienna: Property Market Booms

Published: January 3, 2013; 15:36 · (FriedlNews)

Last year, property prices in the Austrian capital were up by 12% on average.

Vienna: Property Market Booms / Picture: © Flickr

In Vienna, demand for real estate remains high. On average, the property price was up by 11.7% to € 3.981 per square meter. The average rent was up by 9.8% to € 14.45 per square meter. This was published by the real estate supplier

This year, the situation is expected to remain unchanged. “The high demand for property as safe haven and the relatively low property prices in Vienna will influence the price development in 2013” Bernd Gabel-Hlawa and Benedikt Gabriel at explain.

Since 2007, the average rent grew by 30%. Property prices grew by 31% since 2007.