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Russian Rosatom May Build Nuclear Power Plant in Bohunice

Published: January 19, 2013; 17:00 · (FriedlNews)

Because of the completion of the Czech nuclear power plants, the Czech energy company CEZ is expected to withdraw from the construction project.

Russian Rosatom May Build Nuclear Power Plant in Bohunice / Picture: © Flickr

For Slovakia and its Czech neighbor, nuclear power is the most important energy source at the moment. Even more, both countries plan to enlarge their nuclear power plants. After a joint session of the cabinets of the Czech Republic and Slovakia in November, Necas and Fico stressed the importance of the nuclear energy for the energy security of both countries.

Fico explained that Slovakia cannot imagine energy security without nuclear power plants. The Slovak Prime Minister underlines that the EU member countries should be informed about the “true situation in our countries”. The security level of nuclear energy would be very high, Fico assured.

On the occasion of a state visit in Austria, Czech President Vaclav Klaus underlined that the Czech Republic will boost the nuclear energy production. Until 2014, the Czech Republic wants to double the share of nuclear energy production, he said.

At the moment, the nuclear energy sector comes at 30% of the Czech energy production. The share should increase up to 55% by 2040. In Temelin, two further reactors are planned. According to the Czech Ministry of Environment, the environmental impact assessment is fulfilled now. The construction costs will reach about € 10bn. Moreover, the nuclear power plant in Dukovany will get a fifth reactor until 2025.

Due to the enlargement of Temelin power plant, the Czech energy group CEZ is expected not to build the Slovak nuclear power plant in Bohunice. Russian Rosatom may complete the power plant instead. According to SME daily, Rosatom will receive the necessary documents in order to assess the construction order.