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Welcome to FriedlNews - The News and Networking Portal for Austria's international Business-, Financial-, Investment- and Diplomatic Community".

FriedlNews is Austria's trusted, indispensable source of English-language news and analysis for the powerful network of international professionals and expats.

FriedlNews helps foreign professionals from the fields of business, finance, investment, politics and diplomacy to understand the economic and political landscape of Austria.

Like most thought leaders and successful business executives, finding time to read the latest German-language news is one of many challenges. But here at FriedlNews, we think we have the solution. A single, consolidated source of locally-sourced news, analysis and insights, FriedlNews is what you need to turn opportunity into success and stay ahead of your competitors.

FriedlNews delivers in-depth news and financial and diplomatic information, as it happens. Market-moving news are almost instantly transmitted.

FriedlNews offers access to unrivalled news and information, giving users an international perspective with a local flavour.

Our team of journalists has access to senior corporate executives, diplomats and politicians, making it a must read for any business professional dealing with Austria.

FriedlNews is supported by its sister portal 'FriedlNet.com', a leading provider of market research and strategic business intelligence. Our online store offers the latest, most comprehensive, and one of the largest sources of market research reports to executives, librarians, bankers, engineers, industry analysts, researchers, consultants, and academics.