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Wienerberger Annual Reports Ranked Among the Top 20 Worldwide

Published: October 15, 2015; 18:30 · (FriedlNews)

Wienerberger, the world's largest producer of bricks, has again won recognition for its Annual Report 2014 and also, for the first time, for its Sustainability Report 2014. Heimo Scheuch, Chief Executive Officer of Wienerberger AG, takes pride in these distinctions: "Open and active communication with all our stakeholders and the highest possible level of transparency are top priorities for us."

Scheuch: Wienerberger Reports ranked among the best in Austria and abroad / Picture: © Wienerberger AG

Heimo Scheuch, Chief Executive Officer of Wienerberger AG, takes pride in these distinctions: "In this context, our reports play an important role. I am gratified to see that our efforts are being recognized not only in Austria, but also beyond the borders of our country."

Wienerberger Annual Report among the top 20 worldwide

In the internationally renowned and widely publicized ranking of the "Annual Report on Annual Reports", which currently covers 1,600 annual reports from all over the world, Wienerberger has moved up from rank 24 to rank 18.

- Grand Award winner in ARC Awards competition in New York
- Winner of "Listed Companies" category in Austrian Public Reporting Award
- Second place in Austrian Annual Reports Award
- Austrian Sustainability Reporting Award: 2nd place in "Large Corporations" category

Moreover, the Wienerberger Annual Report 2014 was among the 8% to receive an "A" rating.

This makes Wienerberger the best-rated company not only in Austria, but in the entire German-speaking region and in the construction and building materials sectors.

The "Annual Report on Annual Reports", published by the Belgian consultant, has ranked selected annual reports of companies from all over the world since 1996.

ARC Awards: Wienerberger honored for best Austrian Annual Report

The ARC (Annual Report Competition) Awards, one of the world's most important competitions for annual reports with over 2,000 entries from 35 countries, is another platform from which the Austrian company has repeatedly received distinctions. Leaving other renowned competitors from Austria behind, Wienerberger won the Grand Award in the "Best of Austria" category.

Winner of the "Listed Companies" category of APRA

The Austrian Public Reporting Award (APRA) of the Austrian periodical Industriemagazin particularly appreciated the transparent and innovative presentation of Wienerberger's strategy and business model in a "Hollywood movie" style. Wienerberger was ranked first in both the highly coveted "Listed Companies" category and in the "Shareholder Protection" category.

Ranked second among listed companies at the AAA Awards

As in previous years, the Austrian business magazine TREND recognized the best annual reports in Austria through its Austrian Annual Reports Award (AAA). Wienerberger won second place in the "Listed Companies" category of this prestigious Austrian award.

Sustainability Report 2014 honored with ASRA

For the first time, the Wienerberger Sustainability Report successfully entered the benchmarking process against other Austrian companies. At this year's Austrian Sustainability Reporting Award (ASRA), the Wienerberger Sustainability Report 2014 won second place in the "Large Corporations" category. In its statement, the jury particularly highlighted the detailed and highly transparent presentation of the company's sustainability targets, its most important indicators and the materiality analysis for each product group.