Vienna Congress comsult 2016: "The Future of Growth"

Published: January 20, 2016; 18:30 · (FriedlNews)

"The Future of Growth" was the topic of the Vienna Congress com•sult 2016 which took place at Vienna's House of Industry. The Vienna Congress once again brought together prominent figures from the worlds of politics, economics and science to discuss future development of different aspects, focusing on the issue of migrant crisis, which has been one of the greatest challenges faced by European states and institutions in every sense. Distinguished participants from industry, politics and the business community such as Milica Pejanovic, Mohamed ElBaradei, Mario Monti, Markus Rogan, Dan Shechtman and Guenther Fehlinger discussed perspectives and strategies for new growth in Europe.

Vienna Congress com.sult: Golden Arrow 2016 – Winners Mohamed ElBaradei, Mario Monti, Markus Rogan, Dan Shechtman & Günther Fehlinger / Picture: © Create Connections GmbH / Opinion Leaders Network GmbH

The Vienna Congress com.sult 2016 focused on a key topic of our economic and political future in Europe: the future of growth.

Perspectives and strategies for new growth are needed which rest on optimal location conditions and provide the foundations for the continuance of the European economic and social model.

What is also required, however, is a growth-oriented approach to the current refugee and migration situation, one that opens up new prospects for migrants and their host countries.

Vienna Congress com.sult 2016 discussed, which strategies lead to growth and prosperity even in challenging times.

In four panel discussions and several workshops and keynote speeches, the trend-setting issues for the future have been discussed.

Under the subject “The Future of Growth” international and Austrian decision-makers are discussing the future in Europe.

Flight & Migration: Burden or Opportunity for Growth?
Society & Politics: Fit for Growth?
Location policy under scrutiny
Growing with innovation and infrastructure

Panel I: Flight & Migration: Burden or Opportunity for Growth?

The current refugee and migration situation is challenging the EU as a whole. What does the wave of refugees mean for growth and prosperity in Europe? Can we expect new allocation battles and predatory competition? Or will the refugees inject new impetus for growth and prosperity? How does the wave of refugees change political geography in the Middle East? The Vienna Congress com.sult 2016 discusses a controversial issue from various angles.

Moderation: Paul Lendvai

Lászlo Andor (Mercator Senior Fellow at Hertie School of Governance- Berlin, former EU Commissioner for Employment, Social Affairs and Inclusion), Mohamed ElBaradei (Nobel Peace Laureate, former Head of UN Atomic Energy), Hynek Kmonícek (Director of the Foreign Affairs Department, Office of the President of the Czech Republic), Peter Webinger (Head of the Department of asylum, migration, citizenship, human rights in Ministry of Internal Affairs), Jan Zielonka (Professor of European Politics at the University of Oxford), Michael Landertshammer (Director of the Educational Policy Department, WKO; Director of the Institute for Economic Promotion of the Austrian Federal Economic Chamber, WIFI Austria)

Panel II: Society & Politics: Fit for Growth?

Focusing on growth is a challenge for society, institutions and politicians. “Mentally”, are we suitably focused on new growth opportunities? How much is our rewards system in the economy and the labour market focused on growth? How can immigration be shaped in relation to growth? Is Europe too saturated for new growth in comparison to other economic regions around the world? The Vienna Congress com.sult 2016 discusses the social and political requirements for the future of growth.

Moderation: Erhard Busek, President, Vienna Economic Forum

Matthias Beck (Professor at the University of Vienna), Gregor Gysi (Member of the German Bundestag), Václav Klaus (former President of the Czech Republic), Davor Sertic (Managing Director, UnitCargo; Chairman, Transport and Traffic Division, Vienna Chamber of Commerce), Sonja Steßl (State Secretary), Milica Pejanovic (Minister of Defence Government of Montenegro)

Panel III: Location policy under scrutiny

Are the growth weaknesses in Europe and Austria of our own doing? What can be done to improve the general economic and location conditions? What do economists want, what are politicians doing, how has the Juncker Plan helped? At the Vienna Congress com.sult 2016 the debates focus on the economic policy framework for increased and sustainable growth.

Moderation: Eva Konzett (Wirtschaftsblatt)

Iain Begg (Professorial Research Fellow at the London School of Economics), Walter Boltz (Executive Director of E-Control Austria, Vice Chair of ACER’s Regulatory Board), Bernhard Felderer (President of the Austrian Fiscal Advisory Council), Sophie Karmasin (Federal Minister for Families and Youth), Martin Meyer (former Deputy Prime Minister, Liechtenstein), Mario Monti (former Prime Minister of Italy, former EU Commissioner of Competition), Traicho Traikov (former Minister for Economy & Energy, Bulgaria)

Panel IV: Growing with innovation and infrastructure

Innovative strength plays an increasingly important role for future growth. Entrepreneurship is becoming a key mindset for innovative economic regions. And infrastructure is also becoming more instrumental in whether locations are able to exploit their opportunities in competition for growth and prosperity. The Vienna Congress com.sult 2016 shows how our economic landscape has to change to achieve new growth.

Moderation: Claus Zeppelzauer (ecoplus. The business agency for Lower Austria)

Dan Shechtman (Nobel Prize Laureate in Chemistry), Veljko Milutinovic (Member of Academia Europaea), Oskar Mencer (CEO Maxeler Technologies und Department of Computing, Imperial College London), Matias del Campo (Professor for Architecture, University of Michigan), Thomas Arnoldner (Chairman of the Board of Management Alcatel-Lucent Austria AG)

About the Vienna Congress com.sult

The Vienna Congress com.sult is a unique forum for decision-makers in the areas of economy, politics, science and media. It provides them with an opportunity to discuss the most burning current issues.

National and international thought leaders and top speakers gather together annually in order to discuss Europe’s potential and to define future oriented requirements.

- Various panel discussions with international decision makers (key note speakers) throughout the day
- Workshops with focus on important current issues
- 1500 participants
- Over 30 nations represented
- Conduction of a surveys
- Side events (fireside chats, Executive Lunch etc.)
- Lifetime Achievment Award „Golden Arrow“

The Vienna Congress com•sult stands for the new business dynamics emerging from the heart of Europe and for a professional debate on the challenges and opportunities this entails.

In the tradition of a “Vienna Congress”, com•sult brings together prominent figures to discuss future-relevant topics, and forms a highly attractive network of executives and decision-makers. The multifaceted agenda including panel discussions and workshops with experts offers a wealth of topics and is the ideal meeting place for managers, consultants and the media.