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Vienna as a Business Location - Areas of Strength

Published: January 22, 2015; 17:00 · (FriedlNews)

Vienna combines tradition, culture and quality of life with the factors of a top business location in a unique way. A stable political and economic environment, a research and technology-friendly climate, geographical and cultural proximity to the growth markets in the east and, not least, the highest quality of life in the world provide for a place at the very top of the world’s rankings.

Vienna as a Business Location / Picture: © Wikipedia / Bwag

The areas of strength of Vienna businesses lie in the fields of life sciences, urban technologies, creative industries and ICT.

Ever more businesses are settling in Vienna: In 2014 the location set a record for international settlements with 136 new businesses. The location also offers ideal conditions for start-ups — more than 8,000 companies are founded each year in Vienna.

National and international companies receive Assistance in settling or foundation in the form of monetary incentives, real estate and individual advice.

Headquarters of international organizations

Vienna is also the location of choice for international organizations. For more than 30 years the city has been home to one of the four headquarters of the United Nations and is the seat of numerous other international organizations and institutions such as OPEC, IAEA and OSCE. In total more than 3,500 diplomats and over 5,000 employees of international organizations work in Vienna.

The Vienna Region

Vienna and the provinces of Lower Austria and Burgenland from the Vienna Region, which in recent years has developed into the most important economic area in Central Europe and the top region in the EU. 45 percent of Austria’s economic output is now developed in this region.

The most dynamic industries of the Vienna Region are in the high-tech sector, key areas are life sciences, information and communication technologies, mobility, and renewable energy and environmental technology.