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Trafomodern Joins Hands with Indian Salzer Electronics

Published: July 21, 2015; 18:30 · (FriedlNews)

India based Salzer Electronics has entered a technical licensing agreement with Trafomodern Transformatorengesellschaft m.b.H, an Austrian manufacturer of dry type transformers.

Trafomodern Joins Hands with Indian Salzer Electronics / Picture: © SALZER GROUPS

Salzer will tap Trafomodern’s technology, design and assistance to manufacture dry type air cooled transformers, chokes and inductors in India, to be manufactured at a location adjacent to the factory.

Dry type transformers are a highly specialised and technical product with applications in medium and large UPS, renewable energy business, railways, power generation and the marine industry.

Salzer will market this new product, with a project cost of Rs 22 crore, to business segments such as energy management (UPS), Metro rail, solar and wind energy, Salzer Electronics Managing Director R Doraisamy, who signed the agreement with Trafomodern CEO Christo Blum, said in a release.

With an estimated business value of USD 250 million in UPS and USD 200 million in solar/wind energy, the company saw big opportunities in Metro rail/railways and industrial segments, he said.

“We are delighted to begin our business relationship with Trafomodern, and using their superior technology, we will start to manufacture dry type transformers in India for our customers here and abroad,” he said.