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Robert Zadrazil Takes Over the Helm of Bank Austria from Willibald Cernko

Published: January 18, 2016; 14:00 · (FriedlNews)

After having been board member of Bank Austria for ten years, Robert Zadrazil (45) will now step it up and replace Willibald Cernko (59) who will step down as of 1 March 2016. The bank speaks of a generation change.

Robert Zadrazil takes over the position as CEO of Bank Austria from Willibald Cernko / Picture: © UniCredit Bank Austria AG

Willibald Cernko hands over the leadership of Unicredit Bank Austria in the course of a change of generations to Robert Zadrazil as of the 1st of March 2016.

As per 1 March 2016, Robert Zadrazil, 45, subject to all gremial and regulatory agreements, will take over the function of the Chief Executive Officer from Willibald Cernko, 59.

Erich Hampel, chairman of the Bank Austria Supervisory Board: „We thank Willibald Cernko for the excellent job he has done in the years since his appointment in 2009. He triggered the remodeling of Bank Austria towards a modern universal bank and took essential strategic decisions for the successful future of the company. As president of the Austrian Banker´s Association he set priorities in the interest of the whole industry. With the decision to fundamentally restructure the retail business, the course for the future has been set in December. With the forthcoming implementation of this decision within the frame of the multi-year plan of UniCredit, the timing is ideal for a change of generations. With Robert Zadrazil, we were able to appoint an experienced manager for the job who has been successfully working in our group in different management functions for the last 15 years. Most recently Robert Zadrazil has proved his management skills as the responsible board member for Private Banking. Thus I am convinced that Robert Zadrazil is the right manager to successfully drive forward and to shape the rebuilding of our bank on the basis of the existing concepts and the decisions made, for which I wish him great success.“

Willibald Cernko will continue to carry out the duties of the CEO until February 29, 2016. Thus, an orderly handover of all tasks and responsibilities is guaranteed, according to Bank Austria.

Robert Zadrazil works in Bank Austria since 2001. Since 2006 he has been member of the board of Bank Austria as the Chief Operating Officer. In addition, Zadrazil held the position of the responsible board member for the Global Banking Services in Central- and Eastern Europe.

In 2009, Zadrazil was appointed Chairman of the Executive Board of Schoellerbank AG.

Since December 2011, Zadrazil heads the division Bank Austria Private Banking as board member.

Zadrazil, born in Vienna, is married and father of two children.