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DraftKings Brings Daily Manager Games to Austria

Published: October 9, 2017; 11:41 · (FriedlNews)

DraftKings, the world’s largest daily fantasy sports (DFS) or daily manager games platform, today announced its operations launch Austria. Players can now test their sports knowledge and DFS skills against players from North America and Europe.

DraftKings, the world’s largest daily fantasy sports (DFS) or daily manager games platform, today announced its operations launch Austria. Players can now test their sports knowledge and DFS skills against players from North America and Europe. DraftKings will offer proper football leagues including Premier League, UEFA Champions League, UEFA Europa League, La Liga, La Liga MX, MLS & more, Golf (PGA & European Tour), Mixed Martial Arts, eSports, CFL, EuroLeague Basketball as well as an extensive range of American Sports, including: NFL, MLB, NBA, NHL and NASCAR.

"As we continue to expand internationally, we look for markets
that already have an organic following of the sports we offer on our
platform,” said Jeffrey Haas, DraftKings Chief International Officer.
"Austria has a passionate contingent of sports fans for all European
football leagues that we offer and a dedicated American football fan
base. It’s a real opportunity for DraftKings to enhance the
Austrian’s sport fan’s game experience with our exciting contests,
innovative content and real-time sports analysis and data.”

DraftKings prioritized Austria as an expansion market due to the
country’s fervent sports fans. In fact, each year the largest NFL
Super Bowl party in the EU takes place in Vienna.

Daily Fantasy Sports enhances the overall sports media market,
adding value to nearly all aspects of the sports experience. In a
survey of DraftKings customers, almost half of the players have
started following another sport since playing DraftKings, and nearly
80% of players have increased their sports content consumption.
Fantasy sports players engage with more content (TV, radio, online
and print) than non-players. Also:

* Two-thirds of contestants say that they play DFS because it makes
watching sports more enjoyable.
* 60% of DFS contestants report watching games involving teams they
don’t usually follow because they are following their fantasy
* 60% of fantasy sports contestants watch more live sports and read
more articles about sports since they started playing manager game
contests on DraftKings.
* 41% of DraftKings contestants report watching more sports
specific TV programs as a result of playing on DraftKings.

About Daily Fantasy Sports

Daily Fantasy Sports, also known as ‘Football Manager Games’, both
in its traditional season-long and daily or weekly format, are a game
of skill. They are an extension of the traditional season-long
manager games that many sports fans are most familiar with.

DFS Contest outcomes do not rely on the winners or point
differential of the real-life sporting events. Scoring is based on
cumulative statistical performances of a group of real-life athletes.

Players can choose to enter from a full suite of contests made for
different skill-levels:

* Beginner only games: Only "beginner and casual players” can
* Casual contests: Available to any user who doesn’t have a Highly
Experienced Player (HEP) badge; this is typically acquired when a
player plays in 500 contests.
* Leagues: The first-of-its-kind private, customized contest for
individuals to play with friends and family. Leagues was launched
based on direct feedback from DraftKings players in the US, Canada
and the UK, for a more personalized social experience, and will be a
great offering for new players in Ireland.

DraftKings’ launch in Austria comes 18 months after first opening
in Europe and six months after its launch in Germany following the
acquisition of a Controlled Skill Games License in Malta. In the UK,
September 2017 saw 51% year-over-year growth in entry fees and 31%
year-over-year growth in new customers. In Germany, September saw 46%
month-over-month growth in registered customers, the largest monthly
growth to-date. DraftKings intends to continue expanding its
geographic footprint, both in Europe and elsewhere.

All seasonally available DraftKings sports and contests are
currently live, and Austrian sports fans can access them at
[] (

To watch a video on how-to play DraftKings, visit:

Zwtl.: About DraftKings

DraftKings is an innovative sports-tech entertainment platform
changing the way consumers engage with their favorite sports, teams
and athletes by bringing fans closer to the game. D DraftKings,
headquartered in Boston, MA, offers daily and weekly fantasy sports
contests across ten professional sports. Founded in 2012 by Jason
Robins, Matt Kalish and Paul Liberman, DraftKings is the daily
fantasy sports partner of Major League Baseball, The National Hockey
League, NASCAR, Canadian Football League, NFL International Series
and the English Premier League club, Liverpool FC. DraftKings makes
sports better and better sports fans by creating the ‘Game Inside the

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