AUA Started Flights to Shanghai, Tokyo Will Be Removed

Published: April 7, 2016; 19:00 · (FriedlNews)

The initial Austrian Airlines flight to Shanghai took off from Vienna yesterday. AUA will terminate the connection to Tokyo as of September 4 and will rather bet again on Chinese destinations. The economic slowdown of the Japanese economy made the Vienna-Tokyo route unprofitable. Instead AUA starts with five weekly flights to Shanghai on a Boeing 777.

Tokyo will be removed from the flight schedule starting on September 4, 2016 / Picture: © Wikipedia / Morio


• Five weekly flights to Shanghai on a Boeing 777 starting today
• Frequency will be increased to daily flight service as of May 1, 2016 due to high demand
• 29 weekly flights to five Asian destinations in the current summer flight schedule
• New flight service to Hong Kong as of September 5, 2016
• Flights to Tokyo removed from the flight schedule starting on September 4, 2016

Austrian Airlines is offering flight service to an additional destination in Asia. AUA operates five flights per week to Shanghai on a Boeing 777 effective immediately.

Due to the level of demand, the number of flights will be increased to seven per week as of May 1, 2016.

“We are flying to the most important industrial city of the People’s Republic of China with immediate effect. I am pleased that by inaugurating flight service to this new destination, we have established another bridgehead to Asia on behalf of the Austrian business community”, states Andreas Otto, Austrian Airlines Chief Commercial Officer.

Austrian Airlines is offering a total of 29 weekly flights to five destinations in Asia in the current summer flight schedule.

Daily flights are operated to Tokyo, Bangkok and Shanghai, five times per week to Beijing and three times each week to Astana in Kazakhstan.

As of autumn the airline will offer an additional flight each week to Colombo and Malé again.

As of September 5, 2016, up to five weekly flights will be offered to Hong Kong.

In turn, Austrian Airlines will terminate its flight service to Tokyo starting on September 4, 2016.

The economic slowdown in Japan combined with the decline in value of the Japanese yen, which began about three years ago, led to tough price competition.

These circumstances made the Vienna-Tokyo route unprofitable for Austrian Airlines. The last Austrian Airlines flight from Vienna to Tokyo will take place on Saturday, September 3, 2016.

Austrian Airlines will offer flight service to Shanghai throughout the entire year. The duration of the flight from Vienna to Shanghai is about 10 hours 20 minutes.

Flights Vienna-Shanghai-Vienna as of April 4, 2016

Route                    Flight number    Flight days                                            Departure    Arrival
Vienna-Shanghai   OS075               Daily except Tuesday and Saturday      13:20           05:40 next day
Shanghai-Vienna   OS076               Daily except Wednesday and Sunday   10:50           16:10

Flights Vienna-Shanghai-Vienna as of May 1, 2016

Route                     Flight number   Flight days    Departure    Arrival
Vienna-Shanghai    OS075              Daily             13:20          05:40 next day
Shanghai-Vienna    OS076              Daily             10:50          16:10