Kopf: Not More than 1,100 Baumax Employees Can Lose their Jobs

5 hours ago · Politics - Government Agencies
The head of the labor office Johannes Kopf said that the 1,100 employees of Baumax registered in the early warning system of the labor office is the maximum number of people who may lose their jobs. As he recalled, in case of the bankruptcy of Alpine, 4,000 people were registered in the system, but only 500 actually became unemployed, as most jobs were taken over.


Hot Summer Boosts Ottakringer Beer Consumption

3 hours ago
Hot summer weeks boosted the sales of beverage producers, which earlier went down. Also in case of the listed beer and mineral ...


Number of Unemployed in Austria Grows 8.1 Percent in August

5 hours ago
In the summer the number of unemployed in Austria increased further. At the end of August 384,585 people were unemployed. ...

Strabag Reduced Losses in H1 (Yesterday 17:00)


EHL Immobilien Heading for Record-Breaking Results in 2015

4 hours ago
Following strong performance in the period from January to June this year the property group EHL Immobilien is heading for ...


Iran Could be Interesting Market for Austrian Automotive Suppliers

Yesterday 19:30
According to Siegfried Wolf, ex had of ÖIAG and CEO of Russian Machines, the Iran would be an interesting market for the automotive supplier industry, once sanctions get lifted. He noted in an interview for WirtschaftsBlatt (Monday issue) that the market was estimated at about 2 million ...


Austria Opens New Honorary Consulate in Wrocław/Breslau

Yesterday 18:00
The population of Wrocław is 633,802, making it the fourth largest city in Poland. Grzegorz Schetyna, the Polish Minister ...

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