Sberbank Europe and VTB Unlikely to be Affected by Sanctions

Yesterday 18:50 · Industries - Financials - Financial Services
Vienna based Sberbank Europe (former Volksbank International AG) and the Viennese subsidiary of VTB are unlikely to be affected by sanctions imposed by the EU on Russia. The EU has not named any names as yet, with regard to Russian banks operating in Europe, that could be affected by restrictions imposed by the EU.


Hungarian Government Wants to Continue Operating MKB as Universal Bank

Yesterday 18:40
The state of Hungary wants to continue to operate MKB as a universal bank, although it does need to be reorganised and "shaped up", National Economy Minister Mihaly Varga said on commercial radio on Tuesday.

Western Balkans

Attention of Investors Again on Austria and CEE?

July 11
The analysts of Raiffeisen think the financial markets in CEE and in Austria are going to perform well in the second half of 2014, as international investors are expected to regain interest ...

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