Telekom Austria Turns to EUR 392.8 Mln Net Profit in 2015, Confirms Outlook

4 hours ago · Markets - Austrian Stocks
Partly state-owned listed telco Telekom Austria, a unit of America Movil, turned to EUR 392.8 million (USD 439.4 million) net profit in 2015, in line with market expectations and better than EUR 185.4 million net loss in 2014, the company said in an ad hoc statement.

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Unicredit Bank Austria Preliminary Results: Net Profit of About EUR 1.3 Billion for 2015

2 hours ago
Unicredit Bank Austria has published its preliminary results for the 2015 financial year. Unicredit's Austrian subsidiary posts a net profit of about EUR 1.3 billion for 2015. Systemic charges including bank levies are ...


Austria Budget to Receive EUR 437 Mln Payment from State Mint

Yesterday 18:30
Austria will collect a EUR 437 million (USD 488.85 million) payment from mint company Münze Osterreich, a unit of the Austrian ...


IHS: Who Will Succeed Sigurd Höllinger?

January 29
IHS, the Institute for Advanced Studies in Vienna is one of Austria's top two economic think-tanks. It has reportedly readied a short list of candidates for its leader post. The list includes: Martin Kocher, Bernhard ...


Bank Austria Supervisory Board Approves Zadrazil as Future CEO

February 5
Bank Austria supervisory board approved the appointment of Robert Zadrazil as the bank's new CEO in Friday's sitting. Zadrazil will replace incumbent Willibald Cernko as of March 1 as the head of UniCredit's Austrian unit and take over responsibilities also of retail and corporate ...


Wishing you Peace, Joy and Happiness in the New Year

December 23
Dear Reader, As the year comes to an end, I wanted to write and thank you for your support. It's the loyalty of readers like you that enables us to provide our service. This year saw us once again reporting on topics related to cross-border activities ...

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