Corporate Community Worried about Austria’s Position

5 hours ago · Life & Culture - Expats
Leading Austrian bank and enterprise representatives have voiced their criticism about Austria’s capacity of attracting businesses to invest and to maintain their investments in Austria. The moods have never been so bad, Stefan Pierer, head of Cross Industries AG told journalists.


Iran Could be Interesting Market for Austrian Automotive Suppliers

August 31
According to Siegfried Wolf, ex had of ÖIAG and CEO of Russian Machines, the Iran would be an interesting market for the automotive supplier industry, once sanctions get lifted. He noted in an interview for WirtschaftsBlatt (Monday issue) that the market was estimated at about 2 million ...


Austria Opens New Honorary Consulate in Wrocław/Breslau

August 31
The population of Wrocław is 633,802, making it the fourth largest city in Poland. Grzegorz Schetyna, the Polish Minister ...

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