Roche Pharma Buys Viennese Dutalys Biotech for up to USD 490 Mln

Swiss pharmaceutical giant Roche is taking over Vienna-based biotech firm Dutalys for up to USD 490 million (EUR 398.2 million), Roche said.


Exports to Russia Caved in by 15 Pct in 2014

December 19
Austria’s export volume has reached a new high in 2014, even though exports to Russia have caved in by 9.4 percent in ...


Buwog Buys Back Convertible Bonds

December 19
Listed realestat group Buwog is converting its debts. As of 19 January 2015 the company is going to buy back convertible ...


Hypo Task Force for Balkan Asset Sales without Griss

December 18
Nationalized bank Hypo Alpe Adria new task force to work on the sale of the group's SEE assets will not comprise Irmgard Griss, head of Hypo investigation commission, the parliamentary correspondence out Wednesday evening showed.


Raiffeisen Polbank to Get Listed on Warsaw Stock Exchange by 2016

December 18
Raiffeisen Group wants to sell a 15 percent stake of its Polish subsidiary Polbank in 2015 or 2016 via Warsaw Stock Exchange (WSE), daily Gazeta Wyborcza reports, quoting unofficial sources close to the financial supervision.


Hypo Balkan Banks: New Taskforce to Help with Sale

December 16
A new task force is mulled for Hypo Alpe Adria bank. This time the task force would be supposed to accompany the sale of the Balkan units of Hypo Alpe Adria ...

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