Netflix: "We are Proud to Bring the Future of Television to Austria"

Yesterday 18:00 · Industries - Media & Telecoms
Netflix, the American provider of on-demand Internet streaming media followed up its launches in France and Germany by adding Austria to the list of countries in which its streaming services is available. The comapny intends to capture a third of the market share. The company was established in 1997 and is headquartered in Los Gatos, California. It started its subscription-based digital distribution service in 1999. By 2009, Netflix was offering a collection of 100,000 titles on DVD and had surpassed 10 million subscribers. By July 2014 Netflix has subscribers in over 40 countries.


European Startups in Vienna: Entering a New Age of Pioneering

Yesterday 20:00
From October 29th startups will compete for the attention of investors and companies in Vienna. The application for the ...


Polish PM Tusk Tenders Resignation

September 10
In accordance to earlier declarations, PM Donald Tusk tendered his resignation. President Bronislaw Komorowski is going to approve the decision. The resignation comes as the consequence of Donald Tusk's nomination to ...


Croatian Conglomerate Adris possibly Interested in SEE Insurers

September 15
Croatian tobacco to tourism conglomerate Adris Grupa said on Monday it consistently strives to be the regional leader in all fields of its operation, including ...


Reshuffle at Board of Hypo Croatia

September 8
The Croatian subsidiary of Hypo Alpe Adria bank is going to get a new helmsman for the second time this year. Christoph Alexander von Gleich, who had replaced CEO Markus Ferstl earlier this year, resigned citing personal reasons.

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