Poland's Richest Billionaire Jan Kulczyk Died in Vienna

3 hours ago · People
The richest Pole, businessman Jan Kulczyk, died in Vienna aged 65, as a result of complications after surgery. Kulczyk had undergone heart surgery in Vienna and was to be released soon, daily Gazeta Wyborcza reports. However, the surgery led to complications.


EC Raises Concerns About New Austrian Railway Law

5 minutes ago
The new railway law planned for Austria has raised the concern of the EC. The Transport Ministry in Vienna confirmed towards ...


Former Casinos Austria CEO Leo Wallner Died

1 hour ago
Casinos Austria head Karl Stoss called Leo Wallner, his predecessor in Casinos Austria who died on Wednesday, a visionary and pioneer. The 79-year-old former CEO Wallner was an ‘impressive personality,” Stoss added.

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