Austria Objects to Hungary's Paks Upgrade Project

Yesterday 16:00 · Diplomacy - International Organizations
The Austrian government sent a formal notice to the European Commission concerning its objections to the upgrade of the Paks nuclear power plant in Hungary. The Austrian government is objecting because the project is receiving "unapproved state financing" while "supporting the use of unprofitable technologies" that could lead to "distortions on the internal electricity market", the Federal Ministry of Economy said in a statement.

Premium News

CA Immo Issues EUR 150-Million Corporate Bond

Yesterday 14:00
The listed CA Immobilien Anlagen AG will issue a corporate bond with a volume of EUR 150 million (USD 169 million) and a maturity of 7 years. The interest rate is 2.75 percent CA Immo announced on Wednesday.

Bilateral Relations

OeNB Governor Nowotny Objects to Top Limit of Cash Payments

Yesterday 14:00
Ewald Nowotny, head of Austria’s central bank OeNB, decidedly objects to having established a top limit for cash payments. He may not be responsible for that, but in his opinion, and in the sense of building trust in general, there is no reason to ...


New Traffic Minister Klug Wants to Invest EUR 25 Billion in 5 Yrs

Yesterday 16:00
New Traffic Minister Gerald Klug (Social Democrats) wants to invest EUR 25 billion in strategic networks across the country, i.e. in railway tracks, broadband internet and the R&D involved therein. Klug also wants to continue contentious railway tunnel ...


Richard Lugner to Run for Austrian President

February 10
The 83-year-old construction entrepreneur, millionaire and society figure Richard 'Mortar' Lugner says he is running for president of Austria. He wants to hold the highest office along with his 26-year-old German woman Cathy, a former Playboy Bunny at the Playboy Club in Cologne. For ...


Bank Austria Supervisory Board Approves Zadrazil as Future CEO

February 5
Bank Austria supervisory board approved the appointment of Robert Zadrazil as the bank's new CEO in Friday's sitting. Zadrazil will replace incumbent Willibald Cernko as of March 1 as the head of UniCredit's Austrian unit and take over responsibilities also of retail and corporate ...


Wishing you Peace, Joy and Happiness in the New Year

December 23
Dear Reader, As the year comes to an end, I wanted to write and thank you for your support. It's the loyalty of readers like you that enables us to provide our service. This year saw us once again reporting on topics related to cross-border activities ...

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