ÖIAG to Terminate Kemler’s Contract Earlier, Reform Should Take Place

1 hour ago · Leaders
The supervisory board of state holding ÖIAG decided unanimously on Thursday that the employment contract of CEO Rudolf Kemler will be terminated as of 31 October 2015, two years earlier than the contract stipulated originally. Supervisory board chair Siegfried Wolf noted after today’s meeting of the board that the successor of Kemler had not been chosen yet and that the politically pursued reform of ÖIAG would take some time.


IHS Head Keuschnigg Resigns from Post

2 hours ago
The head of research facility Institut für Höhere Studien (IHS) Christian Keuschnigg has resigned from his post, after authorities rejected the restructuring concept for IHS submitted by Keuschnigg. IHS is struggling financially and is facing soaring ...


Raiffeisen CEO Rothensteiner Still Expects Profit this Year

October 21
The head of Raiffeisen Zentralbank and Raiffeisen Bank International supervisory board chair Walter Rothensteiner finds that there are no indications that RBI will not be able to return to the profit zone next year. This year’s loss is a one-off issue, ...

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