Uniqa Insurance Raises Earnings in H1, Confirms Full-Year Guidance

Yesterday 19:00 · People
Listed insurance group Uniqa met market expectations with a 5.2 percent y/y increase in earnings on core operations to EUR 190.8 million (USD 218.9 million) in H1 2015, the company said. The group stands by the guidance for raising the amount further to EUR 425-450 million in the whole 2015.


Immigon Expects a Profit of more than a Hundred Million this Year

4 hours ago
Among others, special income from high-volume bond buyback from August is supposed to make it possible for bad bank Immigon - formed from a part of ÖVAG - to make a profit exceeding a hundred million Euros for this year.


Uniqa Ukraine Gets New CEO

August 21
The top management of the Ukrainian arm of Uniqa has undergone a change, as the CEO/COO/CFO post of the subsidiary has been assumed by Olena (Elena) Ulyee (39). She replaces Yuriy Yefimov who will become a supervisory board member instead. She has been CFO of Uniqa Insurance since ...

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