Casinos Austria: Anti-Monopoly Office to Carefully Probe Takeover by Novomatic

5 minutes ago · Politics - Government Agencies
Listed gambling company Novomatic is still facing regulatory hurdles before it can take over a stake in partly state-run rival Casinos Austria. The anti-monopoly regulator BWB is carefully scrutinizing the prospective deal. Novomatic could also see the Czech competitor in the race for the Casinos stake sue the decision of the GM which enabled the planned takeover.

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Post AG's Rival DHL Paket Optimistic after one Month of Austrian Operations

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DHL Paket, the parcel unit of Deutsche Post, has made a good entry on the Austrian market, based on the state of affairs ...


Austrian Social Minister: No Need for Change on Labour Market, for Now

5 minutes ago
Social Minister Rudolf Hundstorfer (SPÖ) thinks there is no need for a change on the labour market in Austria in view of the refugee crisis, at least for the moment being. He reckons the EU member states need to complete the allotment of the 120,000 refugees first, Hundstorfer told ...


Hermann Hauser’s Fund Amadeus Capital Partners Invests in Zoomsquare

October 2
The real estate web site Zoomsquare has secured financing with the help of Austrian risk capital provider Hermann Hauser, working in England. Shortly before the conclusion of another financing negotiation round Zoomsquare agreed to the investment of Hauser’s fund Amadeus Capital ...

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